52 in 52: Valentine


Eula Marie Stanchoff and Nathan Leo Robbins were married June 30, 1946. This is their engagement picture. My mother had moved from Yakima, Washington some years before to Oxnard, CA. She graduated from Oxnard High School, getting high marks in her studies. She began to attend, UCLA. One morning she was walking to school.

My dad had already graduated from USC with a degree in music. He played violin and viola. He played music in the movie stage orchestra to make money so he and his brother, Bill could build ‘The Island Belle.” It was a “Block Island” hull from back east: Block Island. It was a strong boat to match the challenges of  the East Coast weather.  Block Island is near Rhode Island/Connecticut area.

Back to the walk to school, my dad was driving by my mom and he stopped and asked if she wanted a ride. She accepted. Three weeks later they were engaged. Three months later they were married. They were married 61 years only parting when my dad died in 2007. That is a Valentine Story!


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