52 in 52: Strong Women

Week 10: Strong Womenfullsizeoutput_1d85fullsizeoutput_1d14

My grandfather’s niece was Mara Taseva who was an activist for textile workers in Bulgaria. She was imprisoned a number of times.  Towards the end of her life, she was imprisoned and tortured. She never gave up and was an inspiration to workers

to the end of her life. She was hanged in Popovo in about 1942 when the Facists and Nazi’s were there. She was a threat to them. She was the first woman in Bulgaria,
to be killed by the Facists and Nazis during WWII. She was considered a martyr for decades. Her story is on internet sites. There are streets, restaurants and landmarks named after her.  There is a monument for her and they keep her house as a museum in Popovo. https://eo.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mara_Taseva  Pleman, the museum director,  had a lot of information about her and he takes care of the house where she lived with her family. My grandmother stayed with the family from 1914-1919 when my grandfather

came to Yakima Washington.We went to see the house when we visited Pleman and his wife in Popovo. Zack and Vera set it  up for us to visit. They had translated the letters from my grandparents during WWI. They were separated for 7 years. The first picture above is of her tape measure when she worked in Textiles. She was a strong woman, like Norma Rae, in the United States who was an activist for workers.She tried to make life better for the workers. Strong women.




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