52 in 52:Where There’s a Will

Week 9: Where There’s a Will, from Amy Johnson Crow
I’ve been asked if this theme means a will (as in the probate document) or will (as in being determined or strong minded). My answer is: Yes. 🙂 Use this prompt however you are inspired to. Maybe you’ve come across an interesting will. Explain it like you would to a non-genealogist. What story does it reveal? You could write about an ancestor who was determined to do something. (Or maybe you have an ancestor named Will!)
In researching our ancestor, Daniel Robertson/Robinson/Robins from Blair Atholl, Perthshire, Scotland who was an indentured servant to the Nathaniel Foote Family in New Haven Connecticut. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/New_Haven,_Connecticut
I assumed he was purchased by the elder Nathaniel Foote.
Recently, I was able to access the probate records on the Connecticut Genealogy website:
I pictured an older gentleman who had my ancestor take care of the live stock for the family.  It turns out, by reading the will and probate records we discover Nathaniel Foote Sr. died in 1644.  When my ancestor, Daniel ended up in Massachusetts Bay Colony in 1651, it was Nathaniel Foote Jr at the age of 31 who purchased Daniel who was 24 at the time.  The whole story of my ancestor changed. Daniel stayed and extra 3 years with the family after his 8 years of servitude. I had questions about why he stayed but it makes more sense knowing he and Nathaniel were closer in age.  They were probably friends.  Daniel married Hope Potter in 1663. She was one of the Foote cousins.  Daniel and Hope has 2 children in New Haven.  They purchased land from the Duke, in New Jersey territory in 1665 and moved.  Eventually, they would have a total of 9 children. Their family members would move out into the world.  Our line moved to Rutherford, North Carolina then to Walker Georgia, then to Prescott Arizona, then to Olive, Orange, California.

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