52 in 52: Week 12 Misfortune

Forced Emigration: These pictures are from Scotland.  My son, his girlfriend and I traveled there April, 2018 to research Scottish Ancestors, the first people and the clearances.  The clearances occurred 1650-1890 as landlords threw people off the land.  People are expensive and as populations grew, the workers were no longer affordable to the landlords high lifestyle. At first, landlords paid passage for people to go to Northern Ireland (Scots-Irish), to Canada and to America.  As time when on, landlords just burned people out or as in a couple of cases, they just shot them.  At first, Scotland ignored this terrible time in history. Now, books have been written about it and there is a “Timeline” museum which tells the story. These pictures are from that museum. Various rooms are set up to show what people were leaving in their homes in Scotland. Kitchen, bedroom, work rooms are set up to show the 19th century items. People had to leave all this, pack a small bag, get on a boat and travel to a new land with no guarantees.  In the beginning, some were able to get land in America. Our country is one of immigrants from all over the world. Whatever their circumstance, moving from homeland to a new land is never easy. Our heritage  in America comes from these strong, brave people who overcame misfortune to begin a new life here.  All of us come from people who migrated here. Our beginnings are from Africa. All of our ancestors migrated out of Africa. People walked out and spread out all over the world. They overcame misfortune to make life better for the next generation. Tenacity and fortitude are our heritage from our ancestors. Bravo and thank you to them.


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